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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Freezing Thursday

Although the weather has hardly improved, the show must go on. In freezing fog and drizzle Simon and I cycled from Driffield to Scarborough. Not as the crow flies, more of the sort of route that that an intoxicated parrot might take.
We went directly over the Wolds taking in Kilham,Thwing,Wold Newton and Foden, basically the steepest bits. Then rather than follow the relatively flat course of the Vale of York to Scarborough we decided on a more challenging excursion.
Heading North West to East Ayton and up the Forge Valley to Hackness ready to take on the 'Kirkgate Killer' up to Silpho. Fortunately Simon had two punctures just prior to Hackness so I had time to relax a bit and mentally prepare my self for the ascent.
Not many people have ever written about this seldom used route from Hackness mainly because of just that 'Its lack of use'. With its sump wrecking hair pin bends and 25% gradient why would anyone want to use it, even hardened walkers give it a miss, unless they are coming down it. Cycling it, on an icy road requires a 'cardio-cracking cadence' to reach the top.
As I climbed I was panting like an over heated spaniel, and was slightly disconcerted with the taste of blood in my throat as my lungs felt like they were busting open. The higher we got the less I could see as we climbed into a low cloud base. This was a blessing inside as I could then deal this the climb with one revolution at a time.
There would have been a nutural sense of Euphoria to climb such a beast so early in the season. Frankly I was to F***ed to feel good about anything.
After my heart bead came out of the 180's I did feel releaved to be heading to our destination.
As we entered Scarborough we arrived at the North Bay via the Whitby Scarborough Road.
I took some pictures there which showed the low cloud base and provided proof that it was not really seasonal weather for paddling.......Oh joy.
I cant wait till Texas

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  1. A high cadence up a 20% climb?
    It's normally all I can do to keep the pedals turning over.

    I don't know why; but I do love riding to the sea.


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