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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


When I came home from work today it was like groundhog day. Groundhog day with a difference.
At least Bill Murray gets to have fun with Andie McDowell, learn the piano and develop a taste for French poetry. I am just stuck with the bad bits.
Freezing Cold, Ice, darkness and no Sunny and Cher to cheer me.

I was looking forward to my spinning class, as much as I might look forward to eating burnt custard.

The sofa seemed really inviting and with a couple of hours to spare I curdled up with a blanket like a contented tom cat that had eaten that extra mouse.
I turned the television on.
Not to watch it but to aid the possibility of dozing off.
If I ever need to sleep I just turn the TV on, its better than any sleeping pills.
It often takes me about three weeks to watch a feature film, I do it in 2 minute segments.

Anyway before I fully nodded off, I just happen to catch a trailer for a new film called 'Chasing Legends' (see Below)

Bill Murray may have been upset, but he still got up each morning and still persevered.
He tried to make the best of what he was presented with.
I was ten minutes early for spinning and as I set my wheels spinning I found myself reciting the work of Emile de Saint-Amand Deschamps.

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