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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Out of the shadows

This week I got an E mail from my brother Paddy in Houston about my trip to the States in April.
The Natchez Trace is now nailed on. We are doing it from Natchez (Mississippi) to Nashville (Tennessee) along the Natchez Trace Parkway. This also takes in a bit of Alabama.
It is 444 miles and gives me quite a tough Itinerary:

12th of April arrive Houston

17th/18th of April Houston to Austin 180 miles MS 150
18th April travel back to Houston
19th of April Travel to Natchez
20th to 24th April Natchez Trace 444 Miles
20th April Natchez to Ridgeland(Jackson)
21st April Ridgeland to just south of Tupelo
22nd April Tupelo to Florence
23rd April Florence to Columbia
24th April Columbia to Nashville
24th of April Eve sample delights of Nashville
25th of April travel back to Houston
26thy of April Fly back to England, too tired to watch any movies.

According to my elementary maths, and with the assistance of my fingers and toes that's 624 miles in 8 days.
Last summer when I was at peak fitness I would have felt a bit anxious, right now I feel quite sick at the prospect of lugging my excess weight around the southern states of America.
However I like challenges, and having the confirmation of the trip has really focused my mind.
I still have about 2 months till I set off .
I must use everyday.

Last night I went to spinning and afterwards did a new exercise class called 'Body Pump'. For those of you who have never heard of this its basically a series of exercises using weights, with low weights and many repetitions exercising all of your bodies muscle groups.
I thought it would be great to help with my core strength.
My initial weight selection was a bit ambitious and I soon found myself struggling, but I thought the class was great and intend to do this twice a week.
Today there was no snow falling from the sky. Only sunbeams.
I decided that I would take the afternoon off and get some more miles in.
Although in the shadows the roads were still covered with patches of snow and black ice, the rest of the road contained long stretches of dry tarmac.
I did not care about my running nose, frostbitten feet, and multiple layers of clothing, this was cycling.
Snow drops were evident on the kerb side dancing in the sunlight and keeping me amused and buoyant at the possibilities of Spring.
In the coming weeks leading up to my Departure to USA I will use my mid week blog to highlight the Natchez Trace.
If anyone is interested in joining us even for part of it we would welcome all.

Found this great Video as a Natchez Taster - first 2 mins not so good but persevere


  1. That sounds like a fantastic challange!!

    How on earth do you train for something like that?

  2. You will love biking the Natchez Trace Parkway in April. I work with a lot of cyclists who bike parts or all of the Trace. Our website has tons of information, pictures, videos and maps about all of the 90+ stops on the Trace, towns along the Trace and nearby bed and breakfasts.


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