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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Potty Training

This winter has been one of the harshest that Great Britain has experienced for many years and at a time of recession has caused huge financial problems on councils tasked with keeping the highways and by ways clear for traffic. As the snow and ice clears from our roads, a new problem has surfaced.

The constant freeze and thaw has dismantled the surface of many roads causing them to break up and form a plague of potholes. No road has seemingly escaped from the elements from motorways to local single carriage byways.

With budgets already broken in purchases of grit there is little financial resources left in the pockets of local authorities to remedy the problem.

Having cycled most of the roads in my cycling exploits last years,I gained some local knowledge. The few local potholes were on my radar and were programmed into my journey.
The anticipation was formulated. Now I don't have a clue.
Deep holes that could at the least cause a puncture and at the worst wreak a bike are everywhere.

One oxford man has decided to take matters more personally

And he's using flowers to prove it. Forget stuffing them down the barrels of guns, Pete Dungey has been tirelessly ridding Oxford of its potholes by filling them up with primroses. "It began as part of a project called 'subvert the familiar'," says the graphic design student. "I wanted to do something that would grab attention but also raise awareness of an issue, and so the project was born. I have been planting the gardens for about a fortnight now and see it as an ongoing thing."
"Potholes are a big problem that could be eradicated quite simply. Hopefully it's something that grabs attention and raises awareness although I wouldn't call myself a renegade cyclist."
Pete currently works alone but he's hoping other people will follow his example. If you do, he's asking you to take a snap and email it to him via his website.

I think that this is a great idea and will be heading to the garden centre very soon !!!!!!!

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